We being a Chhattisgarh based firm started in July 2017, to promote
entrepreneurs of Chhattisgarh.


Startupkaro is a technology driven and India’s leading online cloud-based
business & legal services platform committed to helping startups and small &
medium entrepreneurs to easily start and grow their business; simplify legal,
financial & business-related matters; and solving legal compliance related to
starting and running business, at an affordable cost.

Startup Chhattisgarh

We Empowering Entrepreneurship in Chhattisgarh

As Indian economy moving towards digital with thrilling rapidity & where digital devices become a mandatory tool for every business to survive in such a large economy. Startupkaro make it simple for every businessman to sort out their legal, tax and financial matters online while sitting at their place and get it done within minimal time bound in a cost effective manner.


Consulting the new entrepreneurs about how to start the business cost effectively as well as how to sustain it in future is the core area of our service.

Startupkaro is the leading consultancy service providers in India, our area scope of work involves : –

Company Law
Startup Business Planning
Direct Taxation
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Indirect Taxation
Promot Govt. Schemes

Our mission

Our mission is to offer automated, reliable, quick and affordable professional
services to our clients. Our resources having legal forms at one place in simplified manner and easily under stable by a common man.

Our mission is to provide easy & quick access to individuals & businesses for all their legal & professional needs.

We are at a mission to make Chhattisgarh an entrepreneurial state of the India by 2030 through our robust Startup and SME legal services.

Our vision is to create startup ecosystem and organize professional services
industry in Chhattisgarh.

Our experience

Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Legal Services 76%
Startup Consulting and Mentoring 50%


Our main objective is to promote entrepreneurs of Chhattisgarh so that they can :

– Outcome with initial level of hurdles and difficulties to start any business
successfully in current scenario of our Indian Economy,

– Face critical environment of legal requirements and compliances of our
Indian Law,

– Survive with the level of competition in such a vast market of Indian
economy. and

– Consulting the new entrepreneurs about how to start the business cost
effectively as well as how to sustain it in future.

Startupkaro helps and supports busy Entrepreneurs to easily organise and handle their messy Startup Legalities and documentation so that they can worry less and focus more on their core area of business to earn more profits.

A person having good business skills cannot always be assumed that he has also a good knowledge of financial, legal & taxation matters, in such a scenario how can a businessman involve in their business actively & positively. This is the point where startupkaro helps you and always try to make you tension free as regards these compliances and requirements.

POLICIES & PROCEDURES :(In relation to Customers doing business with our firm)


– Privacy

Protect our customers by establishing a policy that encourages transparency and trust with our customers.

– Credit

Determine the terms of opening an account and building good credit with our firm. Set an acceptable amount of time for payment, and establish consequences when payment is overdue or not received.

– Confidentiality

Protect sensitive information, and be sure to cover relationships with our customers.


– Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly.

-We work on the basis of cross-check environment, all the works are routed through so many personnel at hierarchy of subordinate to senior personnel so that quality of work can be maintained and mistakes can be avoided.

– Our consultancy are based on two folded procedure one is to provide general consultancy by subordinate personnel for initial level of service and another one is consultancy provided by a specialised personnel after gone through with subordinate personnel.

– We work in the concept of “First Service Then Profit” basis. We believe to provide satisfaction level of work instead of earning income.


Startup is a team of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretary, Tax Consultants, Lawyers and Management Consultants. The founders are the alumnus of top educational institutions and have professional experience with top consulting firms in India.

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