CMA Report

CMA report also is known as Credit Monitoring Arrangement report is the report showing the projected performance and the past performance of a business in financial terms. It is compiled with all the required financial ratios and metrics to help Financial Analysts and Bankers to ascertain the financial health of a business. Most of the Banking and Financial Institution request the applicant (Business Loan Applicant) to prepare a Credit Monitoring Arrangement report (CMA report) in order to understand the flow and application of funds in a business. A CMA report which is professionally prepared can enhance the chances of obtaining a bank loan.Under the Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA), banks have been permitted for sanctioning credit proposals (of large borrowers) after detailed analysis of the past performance.

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CMA Report are Covered

Details of existing and proposed fund limit

In this report, details about your current financial condition, borrowed fund and proposed fund are covered.If the business is new, proposed data is required to be given.

Operating statement

You are required to show past 2 years and future 3 years ( Proposed) operating statements. There may be some changes as per loan needed and business nature.The profit and loss account should be presented here.

Analysis of balance sheet

Details about your balance sheets of past years are required to show. It is also required to show proposed balance sheet data to show a picture of your future business plan. Details about current assets, fixed assets, current and long-term liabilities are presented in this statement.

Comparative statements of current assets and liabilities

This statement describes the viability of your working capital cycle.

Calculation of MPBF

Calculation of maximum permissible bank finance. This statement shows the capacity of the borrower to borrow money. It depends on two methods which are dependent on working capital.

Fund flow statements

This statement shows the fund flow statements for current and future years. It shows the fund utilisation and sources of funds.The statement is important because it highlights the utilization of fund. To make sure the bank that you are using the fund for the purpose you have borrowed.

Ratio analysis

This is also one of the long and important statements of CMA data.It covers key ratios. Some ratios are the current ratio, MPBF, Net worth ratio, quick ratios, turnover ratios, debt-equity ratios, DSCR etc.

Documents and Information Required for CMA Report

1. Past 2 years Audited Financials
2. Provisional Financial for the current year; in the absence of provisional financials, details of the top line shall be essential
3. Latest Sanction letter (in case of renewal)
4. Term Loan Repayment Schedule, if any
5. Details of proposed enhancement (if any) along with the terms and conditions


Basic Plan
2999 /-

Cash Credit Limit up to Rs. 5 Lacs

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

Standard Plan
4999 /-

Cash Credit Limit between  Rs. 5 Lacs  t0 Rs. 10 Lacs

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

Premium Plan
7999 /-

Cash Credit Limit between Rs.10 Lacs to  Rs. 15 Lacs

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

Sample of Documents

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