Section 8 Company

A Section 8 Company is an organization which is registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). NPO/company has its objective of promotion of arts, commerce, charity, education, protection of environment, science, social welfare, sports, research, religion and intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects. It functions exactly like a limited company including all the rights and obligations that come with such a company. However, it differs from a company in one very crucial aspect, i.e. it cannot use the words “Section 8” or “Limited” in its name.

The income of the Company must be used to promote only charitable objects and cannot pay any dividend to the members of the company. The central government provides an incorporation certificate to all such companies and also informs them about some restrictions and conditions. In case they don’t fulfil them, the central government may also order them to wind up the company. In case fraud objectives of the Company are proved, legal action will be taken against all officers of the Company.

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Advantages & BenefitsWhy to register Section 8 Company

Company Benefits

  • Separate legal entity
  • Perpetual succession
  • Limited Liability

Company Name

  • Section 8 Companies can be registered with names that contain words like Association, Foundation, Society, Council, Club, Charities, Institute, Academy, Organisation, Federation, Chamber of Commerce, Development and more.

Statutory Benefits

  • 100% tax exemptions on Income
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No stamp duty payable

Other Benefits

  • Easily transferable shares
  • Easy management
  • Profit can be used for the charitable purpose mentioned in the MOA

Documents and Information Required for Section 8 Company Registration

Identity Proof of Directors & Shareholders

Copy of Passport/Driving License/Voter Identity Card

Address Proof of Directors and Shareholders

Copy of Latest Electricity Bill /Bank Passbook Statement

Other Documents

Copy of PAN Card and Aadhar Card, Passport Size Photograph of Directors & Shareholders

Address Proof of Registered Office

Rental Agreement or Sale Deed and Copy of Electricity Bill, Property Tax Receipt and No objection Latter from owner for Use of Premises as Registered office.

Section 8 Company Registration FAQs

ow many people are required to register a section 8 company?

A minimum of two people are required to register a section 8 company in India.

What are the requirements to be a Director?

The Director needs to be over 18 years of age and must be a natural person. There are no limitations in terms of citizenship or residency. Therefore, even foreign nationals can be Directors in an Indian Section 8 Company

Is an office required for starting a Section 8 Company?

An address in India where the registered office of the Company will be situated is required. The premises can be a commercial / industrial / residential where communication from the MCA will be received.

Do I have to be present in person to incorporate a Section 8 Company ?

No, you will not have to be present at our office or appear at any office for the registration of a Section 8 Company. All the documents can be scanned and sent through email to our office. Some documents will also have to be couriered to our office.

What are the documents required for registration?

Identity proof and address proof is mandatory for all the proposed Directors of the Section 8 Company. PAN Card is mandatory for Indian Nationals. In addition, the landlord of the registered office premises must provide a No Objection Certificate for having the registered office in his/her premises and must submit his/her identity proof and address proof.

How long will it take to incorporate a Section 8 Company?

Startupkaro can incorporate a Section 8 Company for in 20-30 days. The time taken for registration will depend on submission of relevant documents by the client and speed of Government Approvals. To ensure speedy registration, please choose a unique name for your Company and ensure you have all the required documents prior to starting the registration process.

How long is the registration of the Company valid for?

Once a Company is incorporated, it will be active and in-existence as long as the annual compliances are met with regularly. In case, annual compliances are not complied with, the Company will become a Dormant Company and maybe struck off from the register after a period of time. A struck-off Company can be revived for a period of upto 20 years.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature establishes the identity of the sender or signee electronically while filing documents through the Internet. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandates that the Directors sign some of the application documents using their Digital Signature. Hence, a Digital Signature is required for all Directors of a proposed Section 8 Company.

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

Director Identification Number is a unique identification number assigned to all existing and proposed Directors of a Company. It is mandatory for all present or proposed Directors to have a Director Identification Number. Director Identification Number never expires and a person can have only one Director Identification Number.

Can NRIs / Foreign Nationals be a Director in a Section 8 Company?

Yes, a NRI or Foreign National can be a Director in a Section 8 Company after obtaining Director Identification Number. However, atleast one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident India.


Basic Plan
29999 /-

Section 8 Company registration with 2 DSC, 2 DIN, MOA, AOA, 1 RUN Name Approval, RD license, PAN, TAN

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

Standard Plan
31999 /-

Section 8 Company registration with 2 DSC, 2 DIN, MOA, AOA, 1 RUN Name Approval, RD license, PAN, TAN and GST Registration

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

Premium Plan
38999 /-

Section 8 Company registration with 2 DSC, 2 DIN, MOA, AOA, 1 RUN Name Approval, RD license, PAN, TAN, GST Registration and Trademark Registration.

(Inclusive of all government fee and taxes)

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Procedure For Section 8 Company Registration

Complete our Simple Form

You are required to fill your details in our simple questionnaire.

Obtain DSC and DIN

Then, we shall obtain DSC and DIN for directors and apply for name approval of company.

Verification and Name Approval

Details provided by you for Section 8 registration will be verified by our experts.

Apply for the License and COI fo Section 8 Company

We will apply for license and also obtain certificate of incorporation for Section 8 and then apply for TAN and PAN.

Your Section 8 Company is Now Ready

Once your Section 8 Company is registered, we will intimate you about the same.


Sample of Documents

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